Pastor Carl's response to COVID-19 (3/14/20)

Dear SCRBC family,

It is with a heavy heart, but also with a firm, clear conviction, that I announce the cancellation of our Sunday morning worship and our Wednesday evening events. When will we meet again? No restart date has been set. But, information moves and changes quickly. It could be next week or (possibly) next month. The Staff and I are even working on contingency plans for Easter. Right now we just don’t know. All I can say is “stay tuned.” But, for now, all services and events are cancelled. This is the best decision for Spring Creek Road Baptist Church. 

I have spoken with many individuals, both church leaders and staff as well as several church members. While the thoughts on cancelling have been varied, most all have been passionate. This was not an easy decision. These are the factors that helped shape my decision: First, our president, governor, and even mayor have declared this a state of emergency. It is serious. Second, this virus disproportionately affects the senior adult population. We have a large number of seniors in our church. Their health and well being is important. I know their dedication and faithfulness would (almost) compel them to attend if we opened our doors. For their benefit, that decision has now been made for them. Third, health care professionals - some of which are in our church - are genuinely concerned. They are convinced that it is currently bad and will certainly get worse. We must play our part, as best we can, in limiting the spread of this virus. Canceling our services will, in some small way, be helpful. Finally, it was simply a percentage call. If this virus turns out to be minor or insignificant in the long run, canceling, we lose nothing. But, if it turns into a worse case scenario, and we do nothing, we stand to lose much. Ultimately, I must err on the side of caution.

There is a bright side to this note. Our IT Director, Sound Team Coordinator, and all-around great guy, Brian McCutcheon, has been diligently working on a solution that will allow us to do a live worship feed from our Sanctuary this Sunday. So, while you won’t get to “go to church” you will get to “go to church.” Sorta... You’ll just get to attend on-line. That means that (if you really want to) you’ll be able to hear me preach without leaving the comfort of your home. Coffee? Pajamas? No problem! 

I am working with Brian and the SCRBC staff today (Saturday) and will disseminate all pertinent information to the church as soon as possible. This ability will prove useful for us during this period of time as well as for years to come. Even in the midst of the storm, God is still working for our good.

So, be watching Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and other social media. Pay attention to texts and e-mails. We will be in touch as soon as we have more information. If something changes and we are unable to make the feed happen, we will let you know that as well.

I know this note is long and not what many of you had hoped for. But, it is for the best. Thank you for your love and commitment to SCRBC and, more importantly, to our Lord and Savior. Be smart. Be safe. And certainly, be in prayer! Through all this God still has a plan... I am excited to watch it unfold. He is still in control!

It is a joy and privilege to be your pastor!

Pastor Carl