Church Re-Opening Plans - June 14, 2020:


Dear Church Member,

SCRBC plans to reopen worship services to anyone who feels comofortable meetng in a group setting on June 14, 2020.

You are welcome to attend...

  • IF you feel comfortable worshipping in a group setting, and...

  • IF you are fever free and/or symptom free, and...

  • IF we have had no cases of sickness (COVID) within our church family, and...

  • IF there is NOT a spike in COVID numbers in our state (TN), THEN...

  • We will be worshipping in a MODIFIED service based on the following guidelines...

The following MODIFICATIONS are SOME of our new norms:

  • The ONLY space open on Sunday for general church members is the Sanctuary. Bathrooms to be used are those located in "The Cove" (vestibule/foyer) only.

  • We will be using infrared no-touch thermometers on everyone who desires to attend our services. If you register a body temperature of 100.1 or higher, you will NOT be allowed to participate.

  • Masks are NOT required, BUT...if you feel better wearing one, do so. Masks will be provided in the foyer/vestibule area for anyone who would like to wear them but does not have one.

  • We will be practicing "social distancing". Rows are marked where you may sit, and you will be seated by our ushers/deacons (if you have a seat that you normally sit in, you will probably NOT be sitting in that spot).

  • IF  you have people who are NOT directly related to you, you will NOT be allowed to sit with them. We can sit you near them, if possible, 2 seats apart or on the next available row.

  • We will only be singing 2 or 3 songs. This is to limit contact time between individuals. 

  • There will NOT be an official greeting or welcome time.

  • IF you choose to tithe and/or give financially, the Deacons will be collecting at the doors as you leave. Plates will NOT be "passed" as before. We have several online giving options that are safe and secure. We strongly encourage you to use them if possible (it cuts down on touch-points).

  • Sunday School and Wednesday night services will NOT resume until August 4, 2020 (tentatively).

  • Our services WILL continue to be live-streamed and we invite you to participate if you are experiencing any illness or COVID symptoms OR you do not yet feel comfortable worshipping in a group setting.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.
This is an odd time for all of us, but we see God's hand through all of this and know that He is still in control.
God bless,
Pastor Carl