Current Sermon Series


The Bible, from beginning to end, if filled with tough questions.  However, the Bible NEVER leaves us guessing.  When we encounter a tough question in the Bible we can be sure that it also answers that question for us.  This summer, Pastor James will be leading us through the Bible and some of it's toughest questions.  We hope you will join us on Sunday mornings at 10:50 AM.  

June 4              Did God Indeed Say?
                        Genesis 3:1 
June 11            Am I My Brother’s Keeper?
                        Genesis 4:9

June 18            Father’s Day
                        1 Kings 2:1-3
June 25            How Many Times Shall I Forgive?
                        Matthew 18:21

July 9              What is Your Life?                
           James 4:14 
July 16            Who is Wise Among You?                
      James 3:13 
July 23             Pulpit Supply
July 30            How Long Will You Halt?
                        1 Kings 18:21 
Aug.  6             Shall I Sin That Grace Abound?        
                        Romans 6:1
Aug. 13           If God Is For Us?
                        Romans 8:31