Community Garden of Life

The Community Garden of Life is an outreach ministry of Spring Creek Road Baptist Church.  Every Spring individuals from the church, community, and area neighborhoods gather at 1312 Spring Creek Road to plant and prepare the garden for the Summer's harvest.  The Garden of Life is truly a community project.  The church invites anyone that is interested to 'adopt' a raised garden bed (or two) and plant their own vegetables.  

All of the vegetables grown in our Community Garden of Life by members of SCRBC are given away FREE to anyone in need with a priority given to the widows and orphans in and around the church.  In the past the church has grown cucumbers, squash, corn, peppers, okra, zucchini, melons, and many other vegetables.

Please contact SCRBC if you would like more information on the Community Garden of Life or if you would like to volunteer.

Please visit our Facebook Page for more information and pictures.